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$400 Standard
Truss & Subs


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Pricing Detail

Pricing is based on the size of the sound & lighting package needed to cover your crowd. All packages provide a stereo sound system and two light trees. We use only professional DJ equipment from manufacturers such as JBL, EV, QSC, Peavey, VocoPro, and American DJ. Our DJs play music using Windows 7 or higher  laptops with PCDJ Red Mobile software.

Our dance package specials are priced as follows:

  • Standard System $400.00

    Add Truss Lighting $100.00

    Add Subwoofers $100.00

    Additional services we can provide are as follows:
    Wedding Ceremony, $100.00  
  • Extra Sound System, (small) $50.00 
    Custom Dinner Music, $50 (Standard Dinner Music is included in the package)
    Playtime over 8 hours, $50/hr
  • Uplights, 12.50 per light, up to 8 available
    Travel over 50\100 miles, $50.00\$100.00


  • We accept major credit cards through PayPal or our Gigmasters site.



About Our Prices:

 Ever hear the line “It’s the most important day of your life, why would you be concerned about price?”  How about “I have to sit down with you and craft a custom reception package for you before I can give you a price”?  Translation:  “I don’t want to scare the bajeebers out of you with my outrageous price until I give you a huge sales pitch”

At Neon Express we won’t insult your intelligence with any such lines. 

Our packages start at $400 and go as high as $600. A bit higher than you would pay for your cousin Bob to bring his big boom box and complete Elvis collection, and a bit less than the cost of hiring one of the big DJ services.

On occasion I am asked to explain the reasons behind our pricing. The easy side of the answer is of course that we aren’t your cousin Bob. We use professional sound and lighting equipment, and while we have plenty of Elvis selections, we also have thousands of other songs, from the Big Band era to Hip-Hop.

The other side of the equation is a bit more complicated but not really that hard to understand. While the big DJ services may charge you from $700 to $1500, the actual DJ often receives less than 30% of that fee. The majority of the cost goes to cover expensive advertising campaigns, Bridal Shows, sales commissions, office expenses, and profit to the owner. Last but not least, the telephone solicitors!

We advertise exclusively on the internet, which reaches the most customers and produces the highest return on our advertising dollar. We work for the DJ, not the other way around.  In most cases you pay the DJ Directly, and we receive a $50 booking fee to cover insurance and paperwork, as well as constant updates to our equipment and play-list.  The remainder goes directly to the DJs. As a result, though you pay considerably less, our associates are among the best paid and the best quality DJs in town!